Dwarka Skin & Cosmetic Clinic

Welcome to Dwarka Skin & Cosmetic Clinic located at parbhani as a main center & other branches in Parli-baidnath, Aurangabad, Solapur, Nanded, Jaisinghpur, Pune, & Nasik. We are proud to practice an integrated approach to skin & cosmetic surgery and  wellness medicine.  This ‘up-to-the-minute?health and beauty care is a philosophy that treats you as a whole person to maximise harmony between health, energy, vitality and beauty.  As well as a full range of Cosmetic surgery, non-surgical procedures and skin therapy, we offer the latest in weight management, hormonal balancing, wellness and anti-ageing medicine.

Dwarka Skin & Cosmetic Clinic offers integrated beauty treatments in a context of overall health and wellbeing

Meet Your Doctor

Dr Dinesh Gowardhand Bhutada.
Cosmetic Surgery, Cosmetic Medicine.

I am a Cosmetic Doctor living and working in Parbhani, Maharastra, India. I believes in achieving the best possible result for every patient and my job at Dwarka Skin & Cosmetic Clinic is to advise would-be patients on their options when they come to us with their skin & cosmetic concerns. But what I've found over the years is that when people email me or come in to talk to me, they're usually pretty confused about what they can do to 'fix' their skin & cosmetic issues. I sat down with our doctors, surgeons and technicians and I got them to give me the full low-down on these topics than I will give clear written instructions to my patient.

I have completed my first degree of MBBS from Nagpur in 1996 and continue my studies DDV in 1999, FRHS in 2000, LLB in 2003 & for futher studies went to US & completed my NWSIN. I am also a member of the Indian association of dermatology.


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